Portrait photography Platinum / Palladium

Sometimes someone is worth a really nice portrait.

Portrait photography

Sometimes someone is worth a really nice portrait. A CEO who quits, someone who has done something really good or just deserves to be preserved in a nice personal image. I make personal portraits where I try to capture what is behind the surface of the face. I try to find the real and deep.


Platinum / Palladium

I then produce the final photograph with a technique that has its roots in the 1830s, Platinum / Palladium. A labor-intensive technology with very expensive chemicals and paper.


The chemicals are brushed on a 300g cotton paper. With a negative of the image, exposure with UV light and development, you get an image with unique depth. It is the only photographic technique that produces an image that is not affected by the ravages of time or light. Thanks to the fact that the metals are the most precious and that they penetrate the paper at depth, unlike other techniques where the image lies on the surface of the paper, the image will look the same for hundreds of years, or as long as the paper holds together. In the video below you can see how it works.


The result is a completely unique image with a very deep and special grayscale. A characteristic detail is the brushed frame around the motif. Each image is completely unique and it is impossible to make two identical copies.


The photography itself

First we talk. I want to get a sense of who it is I am going to photograph. We discuss the style of the picture, clothes, any props, look at inspirational pictures, drink a cup of coffee and relax.


Then it's time for photography. Preferably in the studio, but sometimes it can be better to make the picture in an environment. You can count on setting aside half a day, sometimes it goes faster.


Then I make a selection of about five pictures that I send for viewing. When we agree on the final image, I start production of the Platinum / Palladium print. If there are wishes, I make sure that it is framed.


The printers are available in these sizes

8x10 inches (approx. 20x25 cm)

10x16 inches (approx. 24x40 cm)

16x20 inches (approx. 40x50 cm)


As the price of the chemicals is high, the price of the platinum print rises sharply with the size.


What does it cost?

It varies depending on the conditions. How the photography is to be carried out, size of the copy, framing, and more. We'll talk about it and I'll leave a cost estimate.

Portfolio and several examples

Here you will find more examples of my portrait photography


Interested? Contact me and we'll talk about it

Call + 46 733 66 20 51 or send an email to h@hakansjostrom.com

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