What I am and what I do

Håkan Sjöström AB is a branding- and design agency located in Stockholm, Sweden. I help small and mid-sized business to look the the way they want. Corporate identity, logos, graphic concepts and design based on a solid analysis of market, target groups and business goals. A small organization (just me and my network) makes the process from analysis to finished design effective and convenient. Short decision paths and a minimum of meetings leave space to do what I really want – great design that helps my clients in their business.


If you want the knowledge and creativity from the large design agency but not necessarily want to pay for their administration and back office you’ve probably come to the right place.


Have look at what I’ve done for some other clients. If you like what you see please let me hear from you.

What I can do for you


Brand design.

Corporate identity, logos, typography, images and everything that makes your company look as you want it to. All based on communication- and brand strategies to reach business goals.



It seldom ends with a graphic identity. When the base is put in place it’s time to start communicating. If you have the need of that I can help you with that too. It can be anything from the look of the give-away-pens to retail material, packaging, advertising in digital and other media.



This is how it’s done
Work flow

1 Analysis and strategy. It is Important to lay a solid foundation for the work, a strategy. What do we want achieve, what does the market look like, target groups?  We make a brand platform. Everything is then reduced to a creative brief.


2 Creative phase. Based on the creative brief we now start the creative work. First and foremost a great idea. Then I usually produce one or more mood board to point out possible directions. After a joint decision with the client on the direction I start to make reality of the ideas. This work is presented as sketches.


3 Production. With approved sketches it’s time to produce. It can be logos in different formats and variations, design manual with guidelines on how to use the logo and everything else that we have agreed on.


It usually costs around this


I always work with fixed fees so you will now what the investment will be before we start any work. Every project is unique but the cost usually ends up on one of these three levels depending on the size of the project.



A basic graphic tool box with a logo in all its formats and variations together with other graphic elements as patterns and a color palette. Basic graphic guidelines for the use of the tool box.


100 TSEK

We dig in a little deeper. Bigger focus on analysis and strategy. A bigger tool box with graphic elements like perhaps icons and illustrations. A more extensive manual with typography, recommendations on use of pictures etc.


200 TSEK

Beside the above we make an extensive communication and brand platform. Maybe we need a new name of the company. We look into branding structures and naming of products and services. We decide on values for the company, tonality in texts and images. We look into ideas that can be used in future communication. Packaging of products and services etc.


Can a one man agency really be good at everything?

Yes, I dare to say so. With a vast experience as a creative in this business (we’re talking about 30 years) I’ve done most of what there is to be done. The foundation is always a great idea, the rest is craft to make it come true – design, soulful Copy, illustration and photography …


Håkan Sjöström

Long experience  as a creative at award winning design- and advertising agencies. Have been senior creative and creative director for clients ranging from consumer products to B2B, services and organizations.


Awarded I Guldägget, New York Festivals, Guldnyckeln, Swedish Design Awards, Publishing Awards and Graphis (Gold)

Have as photographer had exhibitions in Sweden, Italy, Switzerland and the US.


Since 2002 running Håkan Sjöström AB

Org. Nr. 556563-2857


Examples of current clients

Forsen, ICA Handlarnas Förbund, Level 21 Management, Tiki Facecover, KFX, Bjurfors Conference, Per Kvadrat. 

Håkan Sjöström
CEO and Creative Director


+46 733 66 20 51