Forsen is a project management company in the construction business. They identified themselves as a company among construction companies. There were a lot of construction sites, cranes and men in hard hats in the communication. But Forsen don’t build, they figure out how to build in the best way. The company is a collection of very bright consultant and engineers working with their heads rather than hammers and shovels.



We made a repositioning of Forsen. A new visual concept that was breathing thought leader and brain power was put in place. We got rid of the cranes and hard hats and replaced them with the people behind the ideas and the smart solutions. The first year an annual report was produced to also work as a marketing tool. It was something the construction business had never seen before. And as a biproduct it was awarded both in Sweden and internationally (Gold in Graphis).


Instead of an annual report we now produce a yearly magazine, Forsen Forward. If you are a thought leader it’s better to look forward than backwards we thought. FFW is a journalistic product offering interesting reading about what is coming in architecture, city planning, construction etc.


To emphasize thought leader the logo was designed based on Fibonacci’s series of numbers. You can see a film (in Swedish) about it here. 

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