TOBO Eric Sahlström Institutet


A very interesting problem to be solved. The Eric Sahlström Institute (ESI) is a very traditional institution in Swedish folk music. They have kept this old tradition alive and educated musicians for decades. Another side of the coin is that folk musicians from all over the world visit Tobo, the place where the institute is located. In daily speech both the institute and the place is called Tobo. In the folk music world the name Tobo is connected to avantgarde and modernity. How do you make these two ends meet? A fact that adds to the problem is that they wanted a graphic tool box easy enough to use for themselves to produce posters, webb, catalogues etc.



The solution was to make a distinction between the institute and Tobo in the graphic profile and at the same time connect the two. Tobo with the activity were placed in the upper left corner and the ESI logo as a sender in the lower right. Photos were taken to make a bank of pictures. These photos communicate the modern part of folk music, soul, heart and sweat. The solution made it possible to use Tobo as a name in daily speech and at the same time make the connection to the renowned Institute. Everything was delivered as a bank of pictures, logos and a very simple design guideline: Tobo with the activity in the upper left corner, a big picture and the ESI logo in the lower right corner. Easy and could be used by anybody.

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